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Family takes out procession along with band-baaja to see off IT engineer son going onsite

01, Jul 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. Family members of an IT engineer, Vaibhav Singh, who recently bagged an year long onsite opportunity at his company, took out a victory celebratory procession along with band baaja from their home in Meerut to Delhi airport, just in order to see him off.

Vaibhav’s father Ganpati Singh is very proud of his son’s achievement and is now assured about the future. “He is going abroad, his life is settled. I am getting a feeling like marrying off my daughter,” commented a forward thinking Mr. Singh, “And this is why I organized a baraat like procession.”

Onsite Congratulation
Another example of family celebrating their boy’s onsite trip.

Ganpati Singh vehemently denied that it had anything to do with flaunting his son’s “feat”.

“No, we were not showing off! Why should we? Almost all colony members and my relatives already know that Vaibhav was going to London; they why would I flaunt it unnecessarily?” he argued.

Vaibhav’s mother, wearing her best and costliest ornaments for the occasion, supported her husband and claimed that maid of Mrs. Sharma, who lives near Hanuman Mandir, was the only person in the colony with whom she had not discussed Vaibhav’s onsite trip.

“We are not idiots that we will organize such an expensive procession just to let a maid know about Vaibhav’s onsite trip,” she said.

Earlier, Singh family had sent invitation cards to their friends, neighbors, and relatives to join the procession, which was attended by nearly 200 people, including 15 members of Billu Band.

Sources tell Faking News that while the procession was on its way to the airport, a minister’s cavalcade had to wait for half an hour to get a pass.

“We were going slowly, as Vaibhav bhaiya was sitting on top of an elephant,” explained 16 years old cousin of Vaibhav.

Vaibhav’s bua, who was in the city all the way from Bhopal for this procession, appeared very impressed with the whole ceremony. “My brother’s family is doing good, while the son of my husband’s sister is ye to get a job,” she revealed.

Sources say that the entire procession wanted to go inside the airport to drop Vaibhav at the door of the aircraft, but was stopped by airport security. There were verbal altercations, but once the security men pointed their machine guns at the family, the procession retreated.

While coming back from the airport, Vaibhav’s family decided that they will have a similar procession when Vaibhav returns from London. “If we don’t do that, people will think he never went to England!” his father said.