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Father ashamed of his straight son after finding that Sharma Ji’s son is gay

01, Jun 2016 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. The competition to emulate feats of kids born to Sharmas of this world has claimed a new victim today.  54 years old Verma Ji from Govandi is extremely pissed off with his son’s sexual orientation after finding out that neighbor Sharma Ji’s son is gay.

Verma Ji changed his Facebook DP to a rainbow to support LGBT rights as well

“So far I was proud that my son was straight but after looking at Sharma Ji’s son making out on a rock with another guy at Bandstand last weekend, I am ashamed of the sexual orientation of my son,” said a visibly despondent Verma Ji.

“Not just in marks, now my son has failed to rival Sharma Ji’s son even in this field,” he added.

When asked how does his son being straight make him lesser achiever than Sharma Ji’s son, Verma Ji claimed that Sharmas have long set benchmarks of what is right and what is wrong, therefore it made complete sense for him to consider his son a loser.

”Earlier I was a completely homophobic, dead against LGBT rights and stuff. But today, I realized that I was wrong all along. Now if Sharma ji’s son is also gay, it must be right and there must be some problem with straight guys like me and my son instead,” he argued.

Ever since finding out Sharma Ji’s son’s sexual orientation, entire Verma household has been pressurizing their ghar ka chiraag to reconsider his orientation.

“I have been taking him to Gay Clubs in South Mumbai, have instructed him to watch Dostana, Milk, Brokeback Mountain back to back,” Verma ji explained steps taken by him to ‘correct’ his child.

As per sources, Verma Ji has even asked his son to go and attend some standup comedy shows after he heard Sunil Pal say that people watching standup comedy are gays and lesbians.