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Father upset with his son who even after years of smoking is unable to create smoke rings

21, Dec 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. Narayan Sharma, father of a 21 years old college student Vicky, is quite upset after finding that his son has been a regular smoker for last three years.

And what is worsening Mr. Sharma’s agony is that fact that even in the field of smoking, Vicky has proved himself a complete failure, as after smoking for 3 long years he is yet not able to create smoke rings.

One should never stop learning

“Look at our neighbor Gupta Ji’s son. Last month, I had caught him too smoking at a paan shop a km away from our apartment building. Even though he is our neighbor’s son and I couldn’t care less, I was sad that he was smoking. But when I saw him creating those awesome smoke rings, I thought at least he was excelling in what he was doing,” said an irked Narayan Sharma comparing his son with his neighbor’s son.

Yesterday when Mr. Sharma spotted his own son Vicky smoking, the first question he asked after slapping him hard was whether he knew how to create smoke rings. An ashamed Vicky bowed down his head  saying no, and Mr. Sharma slapped him again.

“We never pressurized him to smoke. He chose that career path all by himself, but even there he failed miserably. This boy lacks the zeal to shine even in things which he loves to do!” Narayan Sharma continued lambasting his son and quoted a dialogue from the movie Lakshya, “All I say is, agar ghaas kaatne wala bhi bano to ek achha ghaas kaatane wala bano.”

Adding further, Mr. Sharma said that all Vicky was doing these years was wasting his hard earned money.  “If he would have learnt how to create smoke rings, I would have thought that despite wasting money and harming his lungs at least he learnt something new,” he rued.

Meanwhile, a guilt ridden Vicky has decided to quit smoking. But contrary to his expectations, his father is even more upset at his decision.

“He is saying that I shouldn’t accept defeat this quickly, and should quit smoking only after I am able to create perfect rings,” Vicky told Faking News as tears trickled down his cheeks making straight line.