Film crew was not getting permission to shoot inside prison, finally decides to make a meme on politician

11, Jun 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. There are two basic types of filmmakers in Bollywood. One who has the money and create a lavish set to shoot almost anything. The other being the more realistic and resourceless movie makers who try to get real locations so that they can save money on set creation.


One such movie maker Mr. Anubhaag Yashkap had been trying to get permission to shoot inside a prison for his upcoming movie. After repeated failures in getting the permission, he and his team finally decided to make a meme on a politician, and guess what the team is shooting inside the prison right now.

Anubhaag is a very determined filmmaker and for him, the execution of his film is the foremost. He always finds way and hope in times of difficulty. And he had heard of the news that the easiest way to get inside a jail or prison in India is to make a meme or cartoon on the politician. The police were so fast in arresting Anubhaag and his crew that they were inside the jail just 5 minutes after posting the meme. Anubhaag has personally thanked police for letting him inside the jail and will surely give credits to their work in the movie credit roll.

With this act of his, Anubhaag has opened doors for many filmmakers, doors of prison we must say!