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FIR against Delhi man for not getting offended even after repeated insults

19, Feb 2015 By Salman Ravoof

Mumbai. A city based court has ordered the police to register a first information report (FIR) against a man for not getting offended even after being subjected to repeated insults. The court has also summoned the man’s friends for not taking any offense too.

The order was issued by Nara G, an Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, based on a complaint by social activist M.R. Apmaan.

The man who’s now been identified as Haram Kher, a Delhi resident and a software engineer, had come to Mumbai to meet his college friends. Instead of greeting him with a bouquet and the usual sanskaari obligations, his friends played a vulgar prank on him, the details of which are too crude to print in this respected publication. (Hint: Virat Kohli)

Haram Kher even after repeated attempts to insult him.
Haram Kher even after repeated attempts to insult him.

Haram took no offense of the prank. In fact, he was quite happy with his friends’ over-the-top creativity, if you can call it that. He was later subjected to repeated insults based on his personal traits. Though a bit fazed at first, he wasn’t offended by these personal insults either. Haram then participated in insulting some of his friends, who were also not offended by his remarks.

“In a country where getting offended is a birth right, there are bound to be some repercussions when such a thing happens. Long before there was ‘Make in India,’ there was ‘Take in India.’ We take offense at everything, and that’s a sign of a healthy country,” said M.R. Apmaan with a smug look on his face.

“I was shocked to see a well-educated man not take any offense at such crude insults. Usually, it’s people in power who’re doing the insulting. But here they were doing both, giving and taking insults. I cannot let our ‘Indian Culture’ be reformed by such brazen openness,” he added.

When asked why he felt offended by insults exchanged between third parties who themselves had no problem with it, Apmaan refused to answer the question.

“That’s a very offensive question. I can’t believe you asked me that,” replied Apmaan waving his fist and walking away.

Chalu Priya, an architect from Mumbai, had another opinion though.

“I don’t see the point. When we don’t take offense at potholes and blocked drainages, at child labor and rampant corruption, at Salman Khan. Why should we bother now? It’s hypocrisy,” she lamented.

A separate FIR has been lodged against Chalu Priya for offending people who take offense very easily.