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Fire officials called to extract woman who got stuck trying to squeeze herself in an old pair of jeans 

26, Jul 2017 By @jurnoleast

Unable to accept the fact that she had put on weight and wasn’t exactly slim by any stretch of imagination, Delhi resident Neha Sinha took up the challenge to squeeze herself into an old pair of jeans only to be stuck helplessly. Luckily, fire officials arrived at the scene on time to extract her after almost an hour of relentless pulling on either end like a tug of war.

Speaking to Faking News one fire official said, “We received a call this afternoon about a woman who was stuck and needed help. We thought it must be a case of someone being stuck in an elevator. But when we reached, we found a woman trying desperately to get out of her old pair of jeans. After a few moments of wondering about how she got there in the first place, we managed to get her free after almost an hour.”

It is not yet clear what prompted Neha to take such a risk. Family members say that her impending marriage and the quest to get in perfect shape could be the reason.

“She has suddenly become calorie conscious. She has developed gluten and lactose intolerance out of nowhere. Insists on having everything with aloe-vera in it. God knows what’s wrong with this girl,” complained her mother, almost giving up on Neha.

Though this may be the first time for the Delhi resident, such scenes are common in apparel stores across shopping malls.

Ashish Khurana, manager of a popular brand of Jeans store revealed how his trail rooms have seen instances of women shoppers going through similar challenges. “They probably underestimate their waist line and try out the ones not meant for them only to end up being stuck in them. We have now hired extra staff to help patrons just in case they end up in a situation like this,” he said.

No sooner this news made it to mainstream media, political parties started taking potshots at each other with Congress party calling PM’s policies like the ‘old pair of jeans’ that is stifling ‘expanding India’.  The Govt. on its part said that the woman purchased jeans when Congress was in power so Modiji’s policies have nothing to do with it. The matter is set to be discussed in Parliament soon.