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First year students hold election to choose appropriate student to give nickname ‘Baba’

19, Apr 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. First year engineering students of a local college, Gajraj Institute of Technology, are holding election to choose the student who is most eligible to have the much coveted nickname – ‘Baba’.

“Like our seniors, we don’t want to have five to ten Babas in one batch. It creates a lot of confusion, as normally the nickname Baba is not accompanied by any surname. So, it becomes a bit difficult to recognize about which Baba one is talking about,” explained a freshman Amit, who is heading the election committee.

One of the candidates.

“And considering the level of sacredness and sanctity attached with this nickname, I think, it’s better to have only one Baba in a batch. We can’t dilute this nickname’s importance by distributing it like toffee,” he explained the “toffee model” not at work on engineering colleges campus.

Eight students from first year, who themselves and their friends feel that they deserve to be the only Baba of the batch, have filed nomination for the election. With help of their friends, they are campaigning across the campus and inside hostels.

To get a better understanding of the ongoing campaign, Faking News talked to Bittu, campaign manager of the front runner candidate, Aloknath.

“Aloknath is a very simple guy, wears simple clothes, loves to keep moustache and beard, books are his best friends and above all, he haven’t talked to any girl since class 6. What more could one want from a Baba,” said Bittu, “Our main aim is to make students believe that Aloknath is the guy they would never regret to call Baba for rest of their life.”

Aloknath is getting tough competition from Vishnu Gupta, who is an acclaimed computer geek. He is known for extensively using computer science engineering jargon even while talking on simple topics like ‘Hottest girl in college’.

While campaigning, Vishnu is always accompanied by his roommate, who translates his speeches into human understandable language. “No comments,” Vishnu said if he smoked weed.

Meanwhile, amidst all glitz of the election campaign, normal students are analyzing every feature of the candidates very minutely.

“Now that we can have only one Baba, why not choose the best one. It’s a question of our batch’s pride. And it’s our duty to vote,” said a concerned voter.