Five friends break friendship after no one in the group canceled the scheduled Goa plan

24, Jan 2020 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. A trip to Goa is undoubtedly one of the most canceled ones for Indian travelers. At least once in your lifetime, you would dream to be there, lie on a beach with your friends and hope to bring a crack in your wall of dignity until all hell breaks loose!


And canceling a Goa plan is the real test of friendship. It is considered to be the SI unit of measuring the level of friendship. And that is the precise reason why a friend group from Nallasopara in Mumbai ended their friendship. 5 friends had made a plan to visit Goa in the first year of Engineering. But then came the heartbreaking moment. All the friends arrived at the scheduled departure spot on time and with luggage.

No one called each other to cancel the plan at the last minute. This was too much to handle for Shwetank Malik who always dreamed of canceling a Goa plan. He was the one who planned this trip with the hope that he will find real friends. But all his efforts went in vain as everyone came excited to be a part of the trip.

Shwetank decided to end the friendship there and then, soon the other friends also realized that it would be best for them to not be friends as they failed the test.