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After five years techie meets his HR for first time outside in a common friend’s wedding reception

23, Feb 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: There are techies who retire from job without meeting their HR person even once, however that was not the case for Raghav Bhat who was ‘lucky’ to meet his HR after spending only five years in the company.

Raghav got introduced to Neeta who works as HR during their common friend Pooja’s wedding reception.

“Initially I thought Neeta is a new joinee who might be undergoing training in Mysore, our company training center when she told about the company where she works. But NO, she is working as HR for five years for my business unit and I never got a chance to meet her, how on earth that was possible,” said Raghav.

Neeta clarified to Raghav, their company follows everything online. Appraisal process, applying leave, going for team outing or say preparation for decolorating Diwali lamp or Christmas tree. Even when a person joins or quits, he or she just needs to click and fill details as part of joining or leaving, everything automatic.

“So, NO need for HR person to meet the engineers unnecessarily. We do our work in the back ground while sitting at cafeteria,” clarified Neeta.

Raghav and Neeta, both are currently looking for job change. Apart from Raghav’s interest to know total wedding expense so that he can plan his wedding accordingly and Neeta’s interest on latest jewelry Pooja was wearing, while talking to others, they were also interested to know if any job opportunity exists in their companies.

After that ‘surprise’ introduction both were ultra-careful. They were asking for visiting cards first before they inquired about job opportunities as they did not want to share their CVs with the company they work for right now.