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Flight attendants shocked to see passengers switching off their mobile phones on a single request

23, Jan 2016 By sameer mahawar

Mumbai: Indian passengers who are generally averse to the normal instructions to be followed for traveling in a plane or for any other thing showed some signs of maturity when they turned off their mobile phones on the very first announcement made by the cabin crew.

Passenger listening to cabin crews instruction is definitely breaking news
Passenger listening to cabin crews instruction is definitely breaking news

This rare incident took place in Mumbai-Delhi bound Jatt Airways flight which has made it the first domestic carrier where cabin crew didn’t have to make repeated announcements requesting passengers to switch off their mobile phones.

The news came out when the air traffic controller didn’t hear the words “Sir…please switch off your mobile phone..we are about to take off” more than once in foreign accent of some Air Hostess.

The absence of this statement which should have been made multiple times raised controller’s eyebrows and he immediately connected to the pilot to confirm whether everything was alright with flight and the passengers.

Miss Sharmila, one of the four attendants said, ” I have to request passengers at least 10 times on an average to stop using network devices before taking off. This is the first time in my 80 day long career where I haven’t requested any of the passenger to turn off the mobile phone or keep it on Modi Airplane mode. They were themselves switching off their devices that was not at all expected. But I would like to thank them as I was saved from not making the same announcement repeatedly as a result of which my lips didn’t get dry and I didn’t have to apply full bar of lipstick once again. Also I saved some of my English accent for the next flight.”

Mr. Singh, who was the first passenger to switch off the phone was available for comments.

He said, “Yaar mainu ki pta meri dekha-dekhi har koi aapna phone band karluga. Main taan airport te betha free WiFi te YouTube videos dekh rea si. Battery down ho gyi taan phone aapi band ho gya.

Main taan mummy nu vi phone ni kr sakeya ki mummy main jahaj vich beh gya,” he added in a sorrowful tone.

A committee has been set up by Airport Authority of India to check into the matter as why passengers behaved abnormally.