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Flight passenger ends up watching full movie on stranger's iPad while peeping into it

05, Jan 2016 By Beer & Biryani

New Delhi: A flight passenger from Delhi reportedly poked his nose so much into co-passenger’s business that he ended up watching a complete movie playing on his iPad.

Dakhal Andaz at work
Dakhal Andaz at work

Dakhal Andaaz, 28, was travelling to Mumbai from Delhi; he had forgotten his entertainment gadgets and even his cell phone had reached 20% charge at the time of boarding.

To add to his woes, a grumpy old man sitting adjacent to him made Dakhal remember the sweet times he had with a pretty lady over an expensive, over-rated coffee the last time he flew to Mumbai.

On the other side of the aisle, a couple of teenagers were seen listening to death metal at ear splitting volumes.

Dakhal’s focus shifted to a movie playing on an iPad in the row in front of him. At first it was a glance; a few moments later, it turned into a stare and soon he was completely hooked by the movie playing in front of him.

Intially the front seat passenger didn’t mind the occasional peep of Dakhal, but the constant stare was definitely getting on his nerves.

The passenger turned back and gave him an ugly look, but Dakhal wasn’t perturbed by this as he continued to watch the movie.

As per sources, passenger in the front row was playing uncensored version of Bond movie Spectre and this lead to Dakhal’s unfazed peeping.

“I thought I’d watch the movie in peace but this guy just wouldn’t stop staring at my iPad. There was a time when I thought about stopping Spectre and playing Dilwale instead just so that the guy stops staring,” said the frustrated front row passenger.

Our reporter also spoke to the cabin crew and one air-hostess under condition of anonymity said, “I was carrying out the safety instructions for the passegers and as usual no one bothered to look. The only person looking my way was Mr. Dakhal and I was so happy. But later i realized he was just peeping elsewhere.”

Meanwhile, psychiatrists classified Dakhal’s act as logical, predictable based on a study that says staring into others devices gives one more satisfaction than playing a pre-decided movie on own device.