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Foreign celebrity applies for dual citizenship for his criminal cases to be tried in India

10, May 2015 By RT

New York. Mr. Oojay, pronunciation restricted only by the creativity of the reader, an American actor who portrays and leads a life in crime, today has applied for dual citizenship in India.

“I love India! I love Mangoes! Elephants! Snake charmers! Samosas! Above all, I love Indian judiciary! That’s why I have applied for dual citizenship,” OJ told Faking News correspondent who is currently vacationing in USA.

The case has given hope to many budding criminals
The case has given hope to many budding criminals

“I have started eating more chocolates to get accustomed to looking at things that are brown. My favorite dessert now is brownie with hot chocolate,” OJ elaborated his craze on his Indian citizenship.

“I only want my criminal cases from United States be transferred to India,” OJ said answering a question on his moving plans. “You see! Over here trial and custody happens quickly and getting a bail is normally a long tedious process. Over there, it is exactly the opposite.

With my celebrity status, I am going to enjoy VIP treatment during my visits for getting my bails granted for as little as a 500 dollars (i.e. more than Rs.30, 000) in as little as two hours”, OJ explained his grand scheme.

When Faking News posed an innocuous question “But will you not be missing local support?” OJ laughed out loud, “You kidding me? I will get more support in India than in States with the entire film fraternity having twitter accounts, with absolutely no accountability for whatever nonsensical blabbering.”

“I can even ask TV channels to run a tweet counter for my ‘Jail or Bail’ games on my every criminal case and make some money out of it too!” OJ winked at the Faking News correspondent who himself currently is struggling to get his driving license reinstated, having driven recklessly in States, jumping a red signal to demonstrate swagger of an Indian macho man.