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Four friends take each other to court for ownership over last slice of pizza

03, Jul 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Ever enjoyed some delicious pizza with your friends on a rainy weekend? So did Ankit Jain, Pratik Jain, Nikhil Jain and Mayur Jain, residents of Ghatkopar, Mumbai. Little did they know that their hangout on Saturday evening would end with them taking each other to court; and the reason behind this – ownership over the last slice of pizza.

Yes you read it right! None of them would have wondered that they would have to go from food court to law court. We got hold of Ankit Jain and here’s what he had to say.

“It was a rainy Saturday evening. And since the business at my shop was dull that evening, I decided to call my friends. I, Pratik, Nikhil and Mayur met at R-city mall in Ghatkopar at around 7 p.m. We decided to go to food court since we hadn’t had jain pav bhaji together in a long time. As we were strolling by the food court, we saw a sign at a pizza shop – ‘Jain Pizzas! One on One Free.’ We were obviously mesmerized by the fact that there was One on One Free pizza. We entered the shop and ordered one jain pizza.” he burps “So we got 2 jain pizzas and 4 of us started eating. We were so busy eating and talking about our shops and relative’s wedding that we lost count of how many pieces were eaten by whom. And then suddenly we noticed that only one last slice of pizza was left. 1 shop. 1 table. 4 hungry stomachs. And 1 slice of pizza. We all were looking at each other and at that last slice of jain pizza. It was just like the ending scene of Kaante.”

He further added, “And then we decided that each one of us should justify why he deserves that last slice of pizza. I started by saying that I had eaten 2 slices less since I had gone out to speak to my dad on phone who was shouting at me for closing the shop earlier. Pratik said that he got dumped by his girlfriend and that he was stressed do he deserved some leeway. Mayur said he has entered into a relationship with Pratik’s ex-girlfriend, so he was stressed too. Nikhil has a habit of giving some extreme excuses every time like having some life threatening illness. This time he said that he has the disease that SRK had in Kal Ho Na Ho and he was dying. We didn’t know what that disease was, but even the makers of the movie didn’t, so we let it pass. And now we had to get a unanimous vote to decide who should get that last slice of jain pizza.”

He stated “We were stuck at one vote each since each one voted for self. Yeah, we hadn’t thought this through. We were at a dead end. And that’s when Dinesh Jain, our friend who is studying law, met us there and suggested we go to court to settle this. He convinced us that this was not for a project that he needed to submit but only because he cared about us. And so here were are.” We couldn’t interview him further since he had to go inside the court to attend the first hearing.