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Fresh MBA grad beaten up by his mother for using excessive management jargon at home

21, Sep 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: In a serious case of mis-alignment of incentives a fresh MBA grad by name Sanjay Singhania was beaten up by his mother Mrs. Sharda Singhania using slippers and sticks, for using excessive management jargon at home.

Mom angry with the management jargons
Mrs. Sharda Singhania angry with the management jargons

Sanjay who has apparently finished his MBA a few months back from Over-achievers institute of Engg, Botany and Management (OIEBOM) is now working with a multinational and has been picking up a lot of management jargon at work. He has also been using a lot of this jargon at home to reply to even simple questions such as “When will you have dinner?”, something which reportedly irked his mother.

In an interview given to a women’s magazine Mrs. Sharda expressed strong concerns on well-being of her son. She said, “Yesterday evening I asked him, beta when will you come down for dinner, and he replied ‘Mom I have de-prioritized dinner for 1 hour and will touchbase with you and dad with further updates at 09:15 PM IST’. I was shocked to hear such idiotic language but kept quiet.”

“Today morning I again asked him are you going to take bath anytime soon and he replied from bed ‘Mom I think we are not on the same page on this. I am currently working on it and revised ETA is 11:30 AM IST. I will get back to you once I see some development and traction’. I was very angry I immediately picked up my slippers and dragged him out of his bed. Only when I threatened to throw his smartphone into water he started to obey me,” she said without mincing any words.

Veteran psychologist Hakunama Tipnis calls this as management language dysfunction disorder (MLDD) which is strongly gripping young professional these days.

He said, “Young professionals spend a lot of time of their life in office these days and this is the language they are speaking all day long. This sometime causes awkward situations at work. I got a sexual harassment case last week wherein a female boss asked her employee why he hasn’t shown up at the office and the employee replied, ‘I am currently in bed working on a project which has a lot of moving pieces.’ Boss forwarded that to HR and claimed sexual innuendos being thrown at her. As it turned out the employee was actually working on a project where situation was not stable and lot of people were taking a lot of decisions quickly. So you see such lingo can be taken out of context more often than you think.”