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Friend with a salaried job behaving totally jobless

20, Sep 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. It’s been around six months since this group of five friends graduated from their college, but only Shivam among them could get a job out of campus. However, earlier today, Shivam’s friends found out that among all of them, it was Shivam who appeared to be totally jobless.

“I mean, he’s always online, ALWAYS!” pointed out Amit, who is still smarting over the fact that he couldn’t grab the campus job despite having better grades than Shivam.

T-shirt asking for emplooyment
Shivam’s friends believe that Shivam was hopeless as well as jobless

“Only yesterday, when I was busy like hell applying to different companies online, he pinged me on G-Talk and asked me if I had seen the latest Facebook picture uploaded by Garima!” Amit recalled, “It was 4 PM I think. Isn’t he supposed to be working in the office at that time?”

Amit informs that Shivam has been the most active social networker among all the friends of late, even though he was not so while during the college days.

“Social networking skills are the only thing he has added to his skillset after getting a job,” claimed Amit, who hastily added that he was not saying so out of jealousy or annoyance.

Samir, another member of this friends’ group that used to hang out together on the campus, also confirmed that Shivam appeared to be totally vella and ever ready for timepass ever since he got a job.

“He called me today morning and told me that he was bunking office due to Bharat Bandh, and asked me if I could accompany him to a matinee show of Barfi,” Samir said, “Nothing wrong in that, but he has already watched the movie thrice!”

Samir revealed that he refused to go to the movie as he had GRE coaching classes to attend, but he wondered how Shivam could afford to have so much of free time despite having a job.

“We may be unemployed, but he is totally jobless,” he said.