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Frustrated by taunts of auto drivers and bus conductors for "chillar", man attempts to rob temple's donation box

19, Dec 2014 By amitmore85

Mumbai. A white collar man was caught today here while stealing chillar coins from the busiest temple in the city. It is said that the man is an employee of an MNC in Mumbai. His family, friends and colleagues are still in shock.

We tried to reach out to the authorities to understand what made this educated man to go to such an extent. Initially, authorities refused to make any comments. But this correspondent sat on their heads like a girlfriend asking “Kya hua? Kya Hua? (What happened? What happened?)” hundred times and recovered the information about the most brutal crime of the year.

Very tempting

The man believed to be resident of Borivali commutes daily to his office in Andheri using public transport. He is known as great environmentalist in his locality.

“He always criticizes us for burning petrol for short walkable distances. He is a great lover of local trains, buses, autos and now Mumbai Metro,” said one of his friends. But every coin has a flip side. This love for public transport lead to this crime.

Share auto fare from his place to station is Rs 3. Even when the auto drivers had change, if he tendered Rs 10 note, they used to shout at him “Teen rupaya chhutta nahi hai kya? Chhutta nahi hai toh baithne ka nahi gaadi me.” (Don’t you have three rupees change? Don’t sit in the vehicle if you don’t have change)

Same was the case with BEST bus conductors. “Saglyana sutte kuthun denar?” (How to give change to everyone?) used to be their usual taunt. Metro ticket vendors also asked for change, but sophistically.

Fed up of all these change requests, this man decided to do the unthinkable. He decided to rob the busiest temple in town of all the chillar coins available. He was caught red handed in this act.

Police say that the man claimed that he had decided to donate the amount of money robbed to the temple trust in the form of cheque the very next day. But authorities do not trust him. They say that the temple collects more money just in the form of chillar daily than this man’s CTC.

Police had hard time contacting his family after the incidence. He didn’t remember anyone’s phone number as all numbers were stored in his cell phone. When asked why he didn’t carry his cell phone to temple, he revealed the depths of his criminal mind. He said if caught after the incidence he would have claimed that he was at home as per his cell phone’s location. He gave credit of this idea to Crime Patrol.

Our electronic mouthpiece Arnab shouts that there must be many such “Chillar Chors” in the city. To stop this generation from committing such heinous crimes he suggests that fares of all these public transport modes should be in the multiples of Rs 10. This will boost the economy as well.

We reached out to renowned economist KRK for comments. KRK confirmed that he agrees with Arnab’s point of scream. KRK also added that he himself is the biggest Chillar Chor, but his acts are never covered by media and media should apologize for this. Our editor refused to comment on this.