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Gang in Bihar found leaking the book ‘Exam Warriors’ before its official release thinking it to be Exam papers

05, Feb 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

The thought of examinations usually leave students under stress. Not only students, the pressure of scoring good marks also takes a toll on parents and teachers. To help them cope with the trials, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday offered ’25 mantras’ to the students as he urged them to treat examinations as “a festival” and “celebrate it”. The book is titled ‘Exam Warriors’ and was launched recently. But even bigger news was the fact that the book was already leaked in some parts of Bihar where a gang thought that it was Exam Papers.


Police on Monday claimed to have busted an inter-district racket allegedly involved in leaking the book ‘Exam Warriors’ and selling it at a premium price when actually the book was meant to be distributed for free. Students too bought the book with great enthusiasm and the leak story went viral in matter of minutes. Students from other states also somehow tried to get their hands on the book thinking that it actually has leaked papers for the future exams. But soon they realized that this was actually the book written by our Prime minister to reduce the stress levels of students during exam preparation.

Faking News reporter caught up with the Gang leader Shwetank Srivastava and he had this to say, ” Though I accept the charges of leaking the book, I strongly believe that it is the mistake of the govt authorities to name the book as ‘Exam Warriors’, how can a illiterate group of people in my gang come to know that it is not a collection of question papers. We completely blame the government for naming the book in a ambivalent ways. From now onwards I will instruct my boys to read at least one-two pages of any book or paper before leaking it.”