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Gay activist arrested for beating his homosexual son black, blue and pink

24, Jan 2015 By RT

New Delhi. Mr.Gayman, a South Delhi based social worker and a vehement gay activist, was picked up by the police in the early hours of 23rd Jan on the charges of ‘Assault’, for beating his son black, blue and pink.

The incident occurred in the late evening hours of 22nd Jan when the activist returned home to find his son in a compromising position with his neighbor, another young man of his son’s age. An imminent rage overpowered Mr.G and he grabbed whatever was available, impatient to wait for his weapon of choice, and thrashed his son black, blue and pink to add appropriate color to the conflict.

Mr Gayman with friends after finding sexuality of his son.
Mr Gayman with friends after finding sexuality of his son.

Faking News caught of with Mr.G, who is currently out on bail, for an account of the incident. To begin with, Mr.G recollected his early years as a prominent gay activist in the capital city and how it used to bring happiness to his otherwise meaningless life until the recent event of finding an active gay son at his own home.

“When I started supporting for gay rights, I thought Queer theory is in Physics and LGBT group is a refrigerator manufacturing company and I certainly did not know anything about the section 377 of IPC. Just that it was a fashionable thing to do in India and the support came from all quarters. The effect was such, I had changed my name from Rayman to Gayman. Indian courts can continue to illegalize an orientation change but cannot oppose a name change; Can they?” Mr.G smiled only lightly, given the grim circumstances.

Asked about why he got upset watching his son growing to become a homosexual, Mr.G spewed a venomous rage, which is seen only in Bollywood movies enacted by a seasoned villain when all his worldly possessions are destroyed by the hero, half his size.

“Difference between a dream and a fantasy. I have dreams about his life. He has fantasies. Being a good father, I am planning to give away 50% his dowry money for him to start a business. Now he has started acting on his fantasy, shattering my dreams, as if all this is none of my business,” Mr.G was close to tears as he was biting away the rage within.

“My son always acted against whatever I preached, all his adolescent life. So I was never worried about him becoming a homosexual. It backfired on this occasion. Completely surprised, when I queried him, in a rather civil moment, my son admitted about his favorite author supporting gay rights in India and it must be a cool thing and he just wanted to try. A father to father, a gay activist to another activist, I sincerely wish the damn author’s sons grow up to be gays,” Mr.G summarized.

“Gay activism is OK. But an active gay son is not OK. Active unmarried gay son is not at all OK,” Mr.G wiped his tears out, as the Faking News correspondent recorded every word of the sensational incident in New Delhi.