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Gifting girls with cute teddies can push a guy deeper into friendzone, warns seasoned Love Guru

29, Nov 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: Seasoned Love guru Shawn Ramneekdas, also known as enchanterer, who is loved by millions of ladies throughout South Asia has given out an important piece of advice for guys who are trying to woo girls who are either their BFFs, their friends or their muh-boli sisters.

Friendzone Alert !
Friendzone Alert !

Shawn wrote on his blog “Her Flower Your Petal” and said, “Teddies, chocolates and flowers are dangerous things to gift to the girl you are trying to woo, especially if you are already inside the friend-zone. Don’t simply go with what Romantic fiction novels and SRK movies have to say. Girls do like these things, but after gifting them with these they may even start to view you more as a friend and less as a potential lover.”

“Consequently you go deeper and deeper into friendzone. After few such gifts, you pass the point of no-return, which we shall call PONR. One you pass PONR then you will be a friend forever, and your chances of ever being a lover to her are negligible, so watch your step brothers,” he added.

Shawn also provided some tips about what kind of gifts should be gifted when, “If you give a gift to a girl and she says Aww, immediately count the number of “W”s in the aww, she said. If this number is high then you are already into Deep Friendzone space which we shall call DeepFries. Longer the aww, tougher the situation for you my brother.”

Shawn the provided more guidance on how to quickly come out of DeepFries and how to prevent oneself from crossing the PONR.

He however ended on a cautious note for a specific set of lover boys, “Those who are stuck in friendzone cases where girls call you bhaiya, please don’t be disappointed. There are ways out of these tough situations too. Please read my latest book “From Sis to Miss” which is available at leading bookstores at only 1729 rupees per copy.”