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Girl arrested on charges of running photo studio in washroom

29, Jul 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Shruti “Selfie” Gautam, an 18 years old girl was today arrested after a complaint was filed by her Facebook friends accusing her of running a photo studio in washroom.

She was taken into custody for questioning, on charges of using residential property for commercial purposes, after police found her Facebook profile flooded with pics clicked during photo sessions in the washroom.

Though the identity of the friends who complained is being kept secret, but Shruti insists that they cannot be her friends.

She is insisting on being investigated inside washroom.
She is insisting on being investigated inside washroom.

“They must be one of those thousands of losers whose friendship request I didn’t accept!” she claimed, “I have kept my privacy settings on Facebook public so that I can get maximum ‘likes’ on Facebook, but this doesn’t mean they file a case against me!”

She showed a picture from her Facebook photos, with her pouting while sitting on a commode; the picture had got 361 likes. Shruti claims that it was proof that she was widely liked and people didn’t find anything wrong with her deeds.

However friends of Shruti confirmed her annoying obsession with washroom.

“Whenever we would go to any disc or pub, instead of checking out the ambiance of the disc or the quality of food and drinks served, she would google the size of washroom and check reviews of the washroom interiors on Zomato,” her friend told Faking News.

“People normally go to a disc and use its washroom, while she would go to a washroom and use its disc,” manager of one such disc disclosed.

Her family members also revealed her fixation with washroom, but argued it was just an OCD and she was not doing any commercial activity inside.

“She would spend hours inside it even during the days she would be fasting,” her mother revealed, “Even for family pics she would insist on all of us gathering in the washroom.”

Shruti however claims that 90% of those pics on Facebook and her camera were telfies (toilet selfies) and the rest were of her friends, and she was not making any money out of this habit.

Police is still confused whether to buy this argument. Sources say that some in the police force are claiming that ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ received on her pics would be treated as monetary gains, and thus her actions could be termed as commercial activity.

“These days people pay social media agencies to buy ‘likes’, so every ‘like’ is like a penny spent,” a senior police officer in charge of the case tried to reason.

Meanwhile if found guilty, police may ask Shruti to pay tax in the form of liking and sharing pics of those friends in her list who struggle to get likes.

“We may even push for a compromise between her and her aggrieved friends, and settle for her liking our page Mumbai Police rocks and accepting friendship requests of some of us,” quipped a constable, refusing to accept that it was bribe.