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Girl changes her birth-date on Facebook, dumps her boyfriend for forgetting her actual birth-date after he wished her

06, Nov 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. Pragya, a local girl, dumped her boyfriend Anuj for wishing her happy b’day on a wrong date, which she had intentionally set on Facebook just to test how much Anuj loved her.

The idea to set the trap clicked in Pragya’s mind after she herself wished one of her close friends only after she noticed others wishing her friend on Facebook.

May be a savior for others, but definitely not for Anuj.

“Thanks to Facebook, I would have forgotten to wish her otherwise. She felt so happy when I called her at 1 am in the night, she complimented me by saying how a caring person I was,” Pragya revealed the incident which prompted her to set the trap for her boyfriend, “All of a sudden it reminded me of my last birthday when my boyfriend called me at 12:01 am and I said exactly the same words to him.”

It was then, Pragya changed her birth-date on Facebook and started waiting for the D-Day – her fake birth-date. Unfortunately, Pragya’s suspicion was not wrong and Anuj fell into the trap.

Completely unaware of the looming danger, Anuj started watching the latest episode of Homeland minutes before the clock hit 12 and finally he returned to Facebook at 12:30 am.

“Normally, I don’t remove my eyes off Facebook, but when something bad is destined to happen, it happens, no matter what you do. The moment I saw a Facebook notification reminding me of Pragya’s birthday, I was shell shocked. Dude, it was already 12:30 am, I was running 30 minutes late!! Considering the criticality of the situation that was a huge time gap,” Anuj narrated what happened on the unfortunate night of break-up.

Anuj came to his senses after 2 minutes, and he finally called Pragya at 12:32 am. But, he was too late.

“She simply picked up the call and said it was over. Then she disclosed that it was a test and I failed miserably. Had I wished her exactly at 12 am, there would have been a chance. But I was late by 32 minutes, even on her fake birth-date,” a sobbing Anuj further added.

Meanwhile, after the news of Anuj’s break-up with Pragya went public, many people have come out in support of Anuj.

“I don’t think it’s Anuj’s fault, in fact, it’s Facebook’s fault. Facebook is responsible for spoiling us by taking off the burden of remembering birth-dates of our friends and relatives,” explained Samajhdar Shukla, a techie from Bangalore who has started a petition in support of Anuj on