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Girl decides to break up after she couldn't find how to change relationship status on FB

13, Aug 2016 By RT

Mumbai. A twenty two year old girl from Bandra broke up with her boyfriend of 4 months because she could not find how to change the status in her Facebook account.

As much as she would have liked to keep it a secret, she could not avoid a reporter from Faking news arriving at her residence, 30 minutes into the technologically forced breakup. “I don’t know how to change the status to say ‘In relationship’ in my Facebook account” was her opening statement. Immediately, getting the attention that she so richly deserved, the girl spoke to the reporter for 30 minutes and dictated a statement not unlike a confessional statement.

Heatbreak! over FB status

“See! All my friends change the status in their Facebook page once in every 3 months. In relationship; in between relationships; single; single and ready to mingle; almost single etc., I have been continuously mocked and laughed at by my friends on my status being ‘single’ from the day 1 of me using facebook,” she said.

“My Facebook account was opened by one of my friends when I was 18. For an 18 year old in Mumbai, probably I was a lone exception and my status then was ‘single’. In the past 4 years, my status has remained ‘single’, though I have had some flings. Nothing would change into a relationship and I was not keen in changing my status from ‘single’ to anything else, technically speaking,” she added.

“Then, I met this colourful guy who looks like a modern artist who tries the paintings on his own clothes prior to drawing on a canvas. Though my friends say, he actually looks more like a construction employee who fell successively on all the open paint cans. Thoroughly dismissing what they say about him, I fully and hopelessly fell in love with him. In the 4 months, more people have seen us together than the number of people who have seen Indian Olympians and medals together or … forget it! I am not good with jokes,” she rued.

“Anyway, everything was going good when the people who have seen us together starting asking about my Facebook status. My lame explanation that ‘we may be two individuals; but we are a one soul’ and ‘he is single and I am single; together we are single and united’ was not well accepted by my friends. I was pushed to the extreme level that either I had to change the status on Facebook or break-up with this guy to maintain my status as ‘single’,” she confided.

“I thought of asking a few girls for technical help who are seasoned status changers but too embarrassed to ask. I asked a few guys to change my status from ‘single’ to ‘in relationship’ and they all, every one of them, immediately went to buy cheap roses and did not understand my technical problem. When I got a reply from Facebook support that my mails, asking technical help to change the status, are classified as SPAM, I called up my colourful boyfriend and with a heavy heart, broke up with him,” said the girl as she tried hard to hold back tears.

Out of politeness, the Faking News reporter offered all the help required, including technical, to change her status from ‘single’ to ‘in relationship’, which she graciously declined.