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Girl decides to get married to Facebook photographer

11, Feb 2013 By Toffee

Bangalore. In a not-so-shocking incident, Swati, a girl working for an IT company here, has decided to marry Rahul photography (that’s the Facebook page of Rahul, a budding wedding photographer). Swati plans to spend rest of her life getting ‘likes’ for photos posted on Facebook.

“I saw Rahul’s pics two years ago when Shruti posted her wedding pics,” Swati recalled how her love affair began, “He was hired by Shruti’s in-laws as the wedding photographer. And gosh! That ugly bi*ch was looking like angel in those pics!”

Swati claimed that Shruti, with 400 Facebook friends, used to get just 3 likes on an average for her photographs, whereas her wedding photos received 75 likes on an average, apart from comments like “ravishing” “stunning”, and “superlyk!”

“It was all due to Rahul’s photography skills,” Swati claimed, “Because her honeymoon pics, which of course were not taken by Rahul, failed to get even 10 likes per pic!”

Convinced that Rahul’s SLR camera and Photoshop skills were only things she needed in her life, Swati decided to befriend Rahul on Facebook.

A file photo of Rahul

“He accepted my friend request within 5 minutes!” Swati recalled the most exciting moment of her life.

When our Faking News reporter wanted to capture her excitement and tried taking her photo with a mobile camera, all the excitement from Swati’s face vanished and was replaced with anger.

She was adamant that only an SLR camera should be used. This reporter cooled down her tempers by promising her that a picture taken by her Rahul only would be published along with this report. Following the assurance, she got back to her photogenic love story.

“After 2 days of chatting, we met in person, and Rahul took at least 1000 pics of me in various costumes and at various locations. We zeroed in on 10 pics among those 1000, which were later edited on Photoshop and uploaded on Facebook. And life was never the same again!” she claimed.

When asked what happened to the remaining 990 pictures, Swati ignored the question and instead explained in detail the kind of comments, apart from 80 new friend requests from losers boys, which she received by the next morning.

This reporter asked her to come to the point, and explain why she took the unusual step of marrying someone for his photography skills only, she said, “That day, my profile pic got 89 likes and 63 comments in just 3 hours. I deliberately made the pic ‘public’ so that friends of my friends, and by extension anyone on Facebook, could also like it… (information deleted by Faking News).”

After half an hour of saying something on similar lines, she said, “Slowly, it became a part of my life. Notifications telling me someone liked my photo became more important to me than a mail from my boss telling me he liked my work. I knew I couldn’t lead a normal life if Rahul’s photos were not there.”

“He couldn’t have kept on clicking my photos just for fun. I was not paying him anything as I was not getting any salary increments. The best way to keep Rahul engaged was to get engaged with him,” she said, and showed 13 close-up pictures of her engagement ring.

“Now we are getting married next month,” she said.

“Yes, I am a bit nervous as every girl is before marriage,” she added, “You know, Rahul can’t be the wedding photographer at his own wedding, but I hope we will have a beautiful Facebook album of our wedding.”