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Girl dumps boyfriend who cut the cords of a regular earphone to make them look like Apple AirPods to impress her 

11, Jan 2019 By @jurnoleast

In his desperation to impress his girlfriend, an IT employee cut the cord of the his regular earphones to make the looks like the fancy AirPods by apple. But that however did not go well with this lady love, who was least impressed with his antic.

airpod final

Worse still she dumped him without warning and with a broken heart. Close friends are trying their best to patch them up but that seems highly unlikely. “She doesn’t even want to see my face. And all I did was try my best to impress her. I am working as a fresher in IT and this fact alone is enough to tell you that how impossible it is for me to afford an iPhone,” he wailed, still unable to get over the breakup.

Apparently, the couple were out on a dinner date in an expensive restaurant where the boyfriend was wearing his jugaadu AirPod pretending listen to music on his smartphone. When his girlfriend pulled one AirPod out of his ear to so that she could listen to the song; his game was up.

She later found out that he didn’t even own an iPhone and was carrying an iPhone lookalike Lava smartphone all this while.

“He has not just cut the cord of the earphone, he has cut the cord of our relationship. I mean this is so cheap. I don’t think there is any way we can patch up. This was a let down. Probably worse than Race3, Thugs of Hindostan and Zero all combined,” she said.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Apple said that it will not be mediating in any way to sort differences between the couple.