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Girl loses 5 kilos after touching feet of elders in a recent marriage function

04, May 2015 By manithan

Mumbai. 25-year old Nitika Sharma was shocked when she checked her weight after a long gap of one week. She had reduced from (weight removed on request) to (weight removed on same request), which is five kilos, in just a week.

We met a visibly happy Nitika at her home. She sounded excited, “This is unbelievable. I’m so excited. I lost 5 kilos in just a week, without hitting the gym and without a strict diet. I was eating heavily during the recent marriage. But when I came home and checked my weight after a long time, I was shocked to see the digits being displayed in my digital weight machine. I then nagged my room mates to look upon their weight and was later convinced that the machine is fine. That gave me an additional shock that I had lost my weight in such a small time gap.”

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She continued, “It was then I tried to recollect the previous week happenings. I didn’t do anything exceptional to lose weight. But in the marriage function where I went two days back to my hometown near Pune, I met a long list of my relatives. I bent down and touched all the elders in my family to get their blessings. There were around 225 elders in my extended and extrapolated family. So, it was 225 repetitions of ‘bent down toe touch’. Sometimes, I had to touch both elderly couples feet at the same bend. That made me do some ’50 reps of alternate toe touch’.

“And during Baraat, I did some usual dance steps, that every girl had to do.”

She enacted the dance steps before us, which involved fixing a bulb, trying to paint a wall, hip twist and more similar dance steps. “See! All these dance steps made my hip one inch lesser and my arms more stronger. I’m so happy now! I’m going to crash every wedding happening in the city and get more such blessings. By that, I can reach size zero in another two months.”