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Girl patches up with boyfriend after noticing that he's not sad with the breakup

25, Aug 2018 By Guest Patrakar
Pune: In a surprising incident a girl patched up with her ex-boyfriend within hours of breakup only because the boyfriend showed no signs of heartache. imtiaz-ali-explains-how-ranbir-deepikas-break-up-scene-in-tamasha-was-shot-and-itll-hit-your-right-in-the-feels-980x457-1466745484_1100x513
Tanuja, a software engineer in Pune based MNC had been seeing the startup-management guy Vivek, since past seven months. Both were having a gala time until Vivek got so engrossed in his work that he failed to provide enough of his time to Tanuja. When even after multiple bluff-breakup threats, constant cribbing and sarcastic taunts flopped at getting Vivek’s attention, Tanuja finally decided to call it off.
Things, however, did not go as planned and in fact, went in a totally opposite direction of what Tanuja had expected. Vivek did not feel guilty about not being able to commit time and attention to Tanuja and if truth be told, turned more focused towards his work after the breakup. Tanuja was even more disturbed when she realized that breakup isn’t making Vivek sad, so she decided to make things miserable for him again and patched up with him.
Faking News reporter spoke to Tanuja’s flatmate Neha, with whom Tanuja usually shares all her secrets. Neha provided us an insight into a woman’s mind saying “Look the thumb rule is if your boyfriend is not happy the relationship is good, if he’s happy even when you are nagging then he’s probably seeing someone else too. So it is essential that you must make sure that he’s suffering at all times. He should also feel guilty and apologetic even when the mistake is yours. And after a breakup, he should be the one calling you up, begging for forgiveness. Just because of Tanuja’s bad timing, things didn’t roll out as anticipated. I have suggested her to get back with Vivek and dump him when there’s lesser workload on him. This way he will learn a lesson for life!”
Tanuja and Vivek’s story has a lot to tell. These days people see each other not only out of love or attraction but also try to micro-manage each other. Tanuja’s is exactly trying to do the same with Vivek. Sooner or later we all learn that relationships cannot be remote-controlled like a television set.
However, the millennials don’t get it and most people learn only after getting their first heartbreak. Technology is to be blamed.