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Girl posts genuine news in WhatsApp group, post fails to go beyond 2 forwards

23, Oct 2016 By RT

Mumbai. A Bandra girl, by the name A.D. Minmini, posted a genuine interesting news in her WhatsApp group where she is an active member.

She wanted to make the post viral across India and whatsappdecided to follow-up her post at least till 6 forwards, but the message managed only 2 forwards. The girl was inconsolable when Faking News contacted her for an exclusive interview.

FN: Hi A.D. Minmini, tell us about the important post in the Whatsapp group.

A.D. Minmini: Call me Admin! The post is important alright. But, what I really want to talk about is the behavior of WhatsApp users and the forwards, in this interview.

FN: OK Admin! Please elaborate.

Admin: There is no nice and easy way to say it. So, I will simply say it. These users in WhatsApp groups are unbelievable. For any fake message, they immediately jump on it and forward to everyone. A genuine good news post, no one cares! No wonder Fakebook, I mean Facebook, acquired WhatsApp. Both compete with each other on sharing Fake Posts and WhatApp is winning based on anonymous forwards alone.

FN: How did you trace your message to 2 forwards?

Admin: Two was really easy. I was actually planning to trace the forwards to 6 levels. In the group where I posted first, I sent personal message to everyone to find out how many have forwarded the message. Only one did.

I pleaded with the brilliant forwarder to make me join the group where she forwarded the message. Again, I sent personal messages to everyone in that group. Again, only one forward. Unfortunately, there are no more forwards after that.

Faking News has learnt that, after the incident, A.D.Minmani has written, posted and made a fake message going viral saying UN has declared #SurgicalStrikes as the best military operation of this decade.