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Girl shocks everyone by marrying her newly bought mobile phone

14, Dec 2013 By Anil Sharma

Bangalore: In a rather surprising event an 18-year-old girl married her mobile phone in the tech-city of India. According to the new marriage laws issued by Supreme Court anyone above the age of 18 can marry anything except the same-sex.

Khushi Malhotra, who is a student, today, under the same law married her newly bought mobile phone at a private marriage registration office located in the city Bangalore itself. Sources say that it wasn’t a big ceremony as Khushi wanted to keep it a secret but the news broke down somehow and went viral on the internet within minutes.

Mr Micro max dressed up for the occasion.
Mr Micro max dressed up for the occasion.

One of her friends who was there in the ceremony told us on condition of anonymity that Khushi’s husband name is Mr. Micro Max.

Faking News reporter did manage to talk to the marriage registrar, Mr. Swamy,  who officially tied the knot between Khushi and Mr. Micro Max.

“I think there is nothing wrong with it. It is totally under the law as Mr. Micro Max surely belongs to the other gender. Plus teenagers love their mobile phones more than anything nowadays. Even more than their parents,” Mr. Swamy told Faking News.

“Every teenager take pleasure from using them constantly on public transport, during lectures, funerals, whilst on the toilet and some kids even have their head pieces connected to their ears, while they’re sleeping. This behaviour of teenagers prove that they can easily spend the rest of their lives together with their beloved phones,” Mr. Swamy further added.

“I personally believe that phones can be better partners than humans. They’re smart, slim, user-friendly and they do what you want them to do.” Mr. Swamy said.

When asked about his reaction on SC’s verdict on section 377 Mr. Swamy said “I am totally against Supreme Court’s decision on Section 377. I think that SC should legalize “Gay marriage” ASAP. I mean why shouldn’t gay people be as unhappy as the rest of us?”

Khushi is also very happy after getting married to Mr. Micro Max.

“He is the best husband ever. I can keep him silent for as long as I want and I can turn-on him whenever I want just by pushing the right button.” Khushi said grinning.

When asked if it was an arranged marriage or love one Khushi said “It was love at first sight, I fall in love with him the moment I saw him in Hugh Jackman’s hands. I went to the store and got him immediately.”

Khushi’s new husband remained on silent throughout the conversation but at the end commented “I love my wife, her touch makes me feel alive. Always!”

On the other hand Micromax Mobile’s biggest rivalry company Karbonn Mobile’s CEO Mr. Ajay Singh thinks that it’s just a cheap publicity stunt by Micromax.

“I am pretty sure that it is a publicity stunt by Micromax. I’ve seen that girl’s wedding album on Facebook which she posted after the news broke down. Every picture has the same ‘Nothing like Anything’ caption.” Mr. Singh said.