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A girl thought she has lost her way to home after no one eve teased her in Delhi

20, Jun 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Shakshi, (name changed for safety) 25, a resident of Rohini sector 17 works in a software firm which is at a distance of 2 kms from her home. Shakshi commutes in auto and walks around half a km every day. 


One day while coming back home from her office, Shakshi realized that it’s been more than 5 minutes and not a single lewd comment had been passed at her. She got perplexed and thought she entered a wrong lane. After checking on apple maps she realized that she’s indeed entered a wrong lane. But then her friend waved at her and Shakshi realized that Apple maps, as usual, was showing the wrong location. 

Faking News reporter Arunabh spoke to Shakshi about the incident. Shakshi said “Eve teasing, molestation and rape is so common in Delhi that it has almost become a part of the culture of the city, that is why I was shocked when no one eve teased me or passed any lewd comments.” Shakshi further added “I am so used to it that I use these guys as GPS co-ordinates as they are always at the same place harassing girls passing by. That day I couldn’t find any of these guys as they might be depressed since India lost to Pakistan.”  

Delhi Police ASI Pawan Chaturvedi said “Incidents like this happen once in every four years in Delhi when a girl reaches home without getting harassed. I urge Indian govt to organize more such India vs Pakistan events so that these guys are busy either celebrating or being sad“. 

Can sports be used to protect women or to inculcate moral values in our youths or both? It’s time we understand more fundamental reason of the problem.