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Girl to consult stock market investor to choose boy for arranged marriage

27, Jul 2014 By Pratik Purohit

Shadipur: After failing to choose a boy among herd of strangers for arranged marriage, Riya Joshi has finally decided to consult a stock market investor who will help her choose a boy worth investing her love, care, and time.

The 26 years old doctor was earlier reluctant to marry, but after political and emotional pressure from family and relatives, she had to change her mind.

In India, marriage is life time investment.
In India, marriage is a life time investment.

Father of Riya, ShyamLal Joshi, who booked marriage hall on the day her daughter completed her MBBS, said while talking about marriage of his daughter, “From the moment she was born, I have been waiting for the day when my daughter marries. Unfortunately just when she reached marriageable age, she got selected for MBBS. And once she engaged herself in some unprofitable social work after becoming doctor, she started to talk about her aspirations and dreams instead of marriage. But thanks to my mother-in-law who is about to die, her emotional blackmail helped us a lot and Riya was forced to give her nod for marriage.”

Riya who couldn’t figure out how to judge a boy just by serving tea, staring and talking to him only only, took the decision to consult stock market investor after watching a show on a leading business news channel where a self proclaimed expert-cum-anchor was giving advice on which company to invest money in.

Riya found it quite similar to her situation, although she had to choose a boy instead of company. However, in either case, company or boy, the entity can only be judged only by what other people think and say about it and its future prospects.

Comparing her situation with a stock market investor, Riya explained to Faking News, “My father once told me that a particular boy was good for me as everybody in the society was ‘positive’ about him. This is similar to the manner in which a stock market investor guesses which company is proper and safe to invest, based on the comments of various experts.”

“But sometimes even after investing in a decent sounding and safe company, there are Satyam like scams that are unavoidable,” she feared.

When Faking News reporter suggested studying the history of boy to make sure there are no Satyam like scams, Riya replied, “I did it by analyzing Facebook timeline of that boy, but that was not helpful. Who acts genuine on Facebook?”

Since there are too many market risks in choosing the boy this way, she finally planned to consult an experienced stock market investor, who could asses the market potential of a boy.

There were positive reactions among stock market investors after the news was broken by Faking News. “Now I can have one more stable source of income,” an excited stock market investor said while trying to sell Vadapav in Dalal street.