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Girl who told her friends she would party in Goa, found eating a Samosa in Patna's restaurant

02, Jan 2017 By sagarcasm

Patna: In a shocking incident, a girl claiming to be partying in Goa was found eating Samosas at a local restaurant in Patna. The 19 year old student, Bharti Kumari, told her friends on Christmas that she was going to party at Tito’s Nightclub in Goa on new year’s eve.  “I love Goa. My soul belongs to Goa”, Bharti told her friends last week, while they were having Litti Chokha on the street.

Tha Bhanda-Fod Samosa

On 31st December at 10 pm, Bharti updated her Facebook status. She posted – “Enjoying Kings Beer at Tito’s Nightclub.” However, she was not aware that she left the location feature on her smartphone turned on. Facebook automatically detected her location and showed that she was at ‘Yadav Fast Food’ when she updated her status.

As soon as her classmate Kishan saw her Facebook Status, he went to Yadav Fast Food. He secretly clicked a picture of Bharti eating a Samosa and posted it on Facebook. Thus, this explosive news came to light and all her friends came to know about the truth. Now most of Bharti’s friends have posted jokes about samosa on her FB timeline.

The girl has never been to Goa in her entire life but every year she posts a status update of being in Goa, according to Kishan. “Every year I saw her Facebook Status of being in Goa but she never posted any pictures on Facebook. That’s why a doubt was created in my mind. Thankfully, this time I could catch her Red handed with Red Chutney on her Samosa”, he said.

Bharti however denies this story and claims that the picture is photoshopped. “This is a conspiracy by Kishan and friends. They are jealous of me as they cannot afford to party in Goa.”

Patna’s youth congress leader Sunil Jha has blamed demonetization for this incident. He said “People are unable to travel because of shortage of cash. Even frequent travelers like PM Narendra Modi have stopped going on foreign trips in last one month.”