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Girl's father rejects marriage proposal, says at this age can't cross silk board jn to see my daughter after marriage

10, Jun 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Sachin U, a techie, working for a leading MNC in Bengaluru is in shock after his marriage proposal got rejected because he is staying on the other side of Silk Board Junction. Commuting to his place would have been extremely ‘tough’ for bride’s father after marriage.

“I am dating my engineering class mate Aarti for past four years. We wanted to take our relationship forward, so I proposed to her. You cannot imagine how happy I was when she said, ‘Yes’. Requested my parents to send the proposal to her family, to my utter disbelief, her father said a clear-cut NO.”

“Look at the reason. Aarti’s father is saying he cannot give Aarti’s hand to someone like me who is staying more than twenty kilometers from his house and there is no alternate way other than crossing Silk Board Junction when one wants to visit my place,” said Sachin.

“I went to Aarti’s house to convince him. It went in vain,” said Sachin. He told me, “Sachin, I know you will keep my daughter happy. You are a nice techie. You spend lot of hours at office, so there will be no time to fight with my daughter. You use WhatsApp well, so you will be always ‘in touch’ with her. But think about me. She is my only kid, I would like to meet her often. Do you want rest of my life to be spent at silk board signal?”

Sachin said, “He told me he is staying here for past 50 years. His friend circle, relatives stay nearby, so he cannot change his place. However, he offered me one option, if you are serious about Aarti, change your place”.

“I felt bad, what he thinks of himself. I cannot do much to my manager now because this is recession time. But I told him, like you, I also love my place. If your daughter loves me, she will cross the Silk board signal. It is up to you to contact us by person or through WhatsApp after marriage,” said Sachin who is happy his years of Bollywood experience gave him some nice lines.

While returning from Aarti’s house, Sachin was thinking, “I have seen so many love stories, there is always a villain. How silly, a traffic junction became one in my love-life.”