Monday, 6th April, 2020


While running to turn off gas on 3 whistles of cooker as ordered by his mother, boy beats Usain Bolt’s record

18, Feb 2020 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. Another Kambala runner Nishant Shetty recorded 143m in 13.68 seconds. If calculated for 100m he clocks it in 9.51 seconds. His speed is faster than Srinivasa Gowda who recently clocked 9.55 seconds. But the person who has beaten these both athletes and also Usain Bolt is a Mumbai resident named Shwetank Srivastava.


Shwetank ran so fast to turn off the gas after 3 whistles of the cooker as was ordered by his mother that he broke the world record for the fastest sprint. Shwetank has thus become the fastest man on the planet. Such is the fear of his mother that turning the gas off at the right time has become a natural habit for Shwetank.

Not only this, but Shwetank is also an expert and turning off gas when the milk comes to aboil, that too at the very precise moment when the milk starts to overflow from the container. India is full of such talent. You get these athletes in almost all middle-class households.

The relatives who reach the house of students after their exam results are declared are so fast that they have many records in their name too. Kiren rijiju has asked for all these data from authorities to help these athletes join SAI for future training.