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Govt employees successfully fill crack in office wall with gutkha pouches

09, Jul 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. A lonely wall outside the office of chairperson of Delhi Jal Board that developed a yawning crack after unsuccessful attempt by an electrician to mount a tubelight, is now happy as its ugly crack has been filled with colorful plastic wrappers of paan masala, gutkha, khaini, and Hajmola.

The mission was accomplished through a collective effort of Board employees, who have often been accused of doing nothing worthwhile.

A crack in the wall filled in with plastic pouches
The wall showcasing the success of the collective effort of the government employees

The mission was deemed successful and accomplished when Hari Prasad, a senior clerk with a dedicated rocking chair in the office, couldn’t push his chewing gum wrapper inside the crack that was already beaming with motley of plastic patches and pouches.

“I had to stick it (wrapper) with my chewing gum after it fell down five times as I tried my best to push it into the crack,” Prasad recalled the historical moment that added yet another feather in the cap of Delhi Jal Board, which earlier saw a record 700 sweaters being woven during office hours by its female employees in a single season.

“Apart from gender equality, this shows our commitment and concern for the mother earth,” Prasad claimed that the mission of shoving the plastic wrappers in the crack, instead of dropping them away in the dustbin five meters away, was inspired by environmental concern rather than laziness.

“Plastic is bio non-degradable, so no point dropping it in the dustbin that would be dumped in Yamuna by the housekeeping guys,” Prasad said, “Whereas sticking it into the concrete wall makes sure that it didn’t pollute environment.”

However, Prasad didn’t have any convincing and green argument to explain the paan stains on the now “healed” wall.

With the nine cubic-inch crack in the wall filled, Delhi Jal Board employees are now looking for an alternative places to dump the plastic footprints of their favorite pastime. Small bins beneath their tables were ruled out as it cramped the space that was well reserved for their tiffin boxes and shopping bags.

A general consensus was emerging over the flowerpot put at the entrance of the accounts office.