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Government bans voting to ensure 100% turnout in elections

10, Mar 2015 By Gulshan kishor

New Delhi. The Indian government has decided to ban voting in an effort to get more and more people to come out and vote in the elections.

The ban on the documentary “India’s daughter”, the I&B ministry revealed, was a similar attempt by the government to make sure every person in India gets to watch it and understand the mentality which makes a bulk of Indians believe that girls are not equal to boys.

“The thrill of doing something which is banned makes a person more adventurous and more willing to take risks. And these are exactly the kind of people we need to take India forward,” said a minister explaining the rationale behind the decision.

Voter turnout
Government expects long queues at polling booths from next elections

The government is also planning to announce its next ambitious initiative called “Banned in India” under which artists can get their books, movies, and documentaries banned by paying a certain amount to the government for publicizing their work.

The decision to ban voting has sparked curiosity among the general public and a record number of first-time voters are expected to cast their vote in the upcoming assembly elections in various states.

“Earlier, I thought that voting was not fun and a waste of time, but now that it’s banned, I can’t wait to go out there and face all the odds to uphold the democratic values of our country!” said one of the to-be-voters who has been watching Sanskar TV ever since his parents informed him that it was banned.

When a Virat Kohli fan was asked to comment on the decision, he exclaimed, “sahi hai ban-ch*d! ab to pakka vote dene jaaunga.

Meanwhile taking cue from the shrewd move by the government, Congress has decided to ban the public from attending rallies addressed by Rahul Gandhi. The idea seems to be catching up as engineering colleges are banning students from attending classes and mothers are telling their kids that drinking milk is banned.

According to reliable sources, the government is also all set to ban the use of dustbins to speed up the “Swachchh Bharat” campaign.

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