Government to compensate people who went bankrupt after buying gifts during Valentine's week

15, Feb 2017 By sagarcasm

New Delhi: The Prime Minister’s office has announced today that the Government will compensate everyone who bought gifts for their partner during the previous week due to social pressure and later went bankrupt.

A bankrupt Aashiq
A bankrupt Aashiq

Officials from the Office of PM have indicated that the money will be deposited in the beneficiary accounts soon. The Government will give back 20% of the total amount spent during the Valentine’s week to individuals. The RBI Governor Urjit Patel is overseeing this activity so the rules may change from day to day.

A person will have to submit original bills, copies of  Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Ration Card, College Identity Card, Business Card and Shopper’s Stop Loyalty Card in his or her respective bank. If the expenses amount to more than Rs. 2,500, then the person will have to write a letter stating the reasons for such high expenditure. The amount will be transferred only after Urjit Patel approves all the documents.

Valentine’s week finally got over yesterday. Millions of couples had to buy each other flowers, soft toys, chocolates and jewelry because they have been told by mass media that they must do so during this week. Countless marketing messages have taken their collective toll on people’s consciousness, making it seem like a compulsion to spend money to gain love.

We spoke to one of the victims of Valentine’s week, Honey Kapoor. Honey has spent all of his annual savings during this Valentine’s week on his girlfriend.  He said, “It is in the air, not love, but the pressure. If you don’t buy something expensive for your special someone, you’re going to hurt their feelings. So I bought a bucket of popcorn from a multiplex for my girlfriend.”

The Supreme Court has also set-up Lodha Panel to look into the rising expenses on Valentine’s Day. To save money, Lodha Panel has suggested people to break-up every year on 7th February and get together on 15th of February.