Government facing shortage of police uniforms as all dealers have sold stock to Rohit Shetty

08, Jan 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. Rohit Shetty has confirmed that his next project will revolve around Sooryavanshi, the police officer character played by Akshay Kumar and introduced in the end of his most recent film, Simmba. “We will finalize the script shortly,” Shetty had told a news agency recently. Rohit has in fact tied up with all major uniform dealers as the no of policemen shown in his movies is much more than that present in the actual police force in India.


Rohit Shetty is providing a good rate to the dealers and that is the reason that they want to sell the stock to him and not the government. The Maharashtra government recently came to know about the issue of shortage of uniforms as most of the dealers have sold the stock to Rohit Shetty and the producers of his next cop movie.

Majority of Rohit Shetty films in the future will revolve around cops and the magnanimity of the same was shown in Simmba. Rohit Shetty may not be a perfectionist when it comes to movie scripts but he is very particular in the props and accessories he uses in the film.

Most of the actors who played the role of policemen in Rohit Shetty films are seen as actual policemen by the society such is the originality of the uniforms. Government is in talks with Rohit Shetty to gets some uniforms from him on rent.