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Government Officer caught working at 9 AM

05, Jul 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Chandigarh: In a shocking incident, a Haryana Government employee was caught working in his office at 9 AM this morning. The man, whose name has been hidden for security reasons, was caught by an alert security guard who apprehended the accused while he was busy going through files.

govt emp

“Early this morning when I reported for duty, I heard some noises coming from inside the office. I thought it must be the rats as usual but then I wondered how the rats are taking printouts. Then I thought a thief has broken into the office, but I wondered how thief will find anything to steal here when our officers can’t find their own files for days. After a lot of deliberation, I decided to enter the office to see what is going on and to my horror, I found this clerk working, at 9 AM”, the security guard said.

 Speaking to Faking News, a senior government official said,” Yes we have received a complaint about a government officer for trying to destroy the work culture in our offices. There has been a lot of anger among the senior officials against this guy. We will investigate the matter before deciding what action we should take. He is a new guy, just joined last month so maybe he was unaware of our values and culture but if he did this knowingly, we will have to take strict action.”

“There is no harm in coming to office at 9 AM, we all do that from time to time but if you are there that early, have some tea, read the newspaper, play cards, discuss politics, nobody will say anything. What is this nonsense about working at that time? Who does he think he is, a corporate slave?” An angry class I officer asked when contacted by Faking News for a reaction.

Meanwhile, the concerned government officer has been asked to come to work after taking sleeping pills so that he sleeps during working hours and doesn’t end up doing any work by mistake.