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Govt employee fails to knit a single sweater in office this winter

27, Jan 2013 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi. A 36 years old central government employee, Mrs. Renuka Devi, has failed to knit a single sweater in her office this winter, a first in her 13 years long career as a government clerk.

Renuka Devi is really upset with this and expressed fear of losing her title of sweater wali aunty in her neighborhood. A title she earned after spending years knitting sweaters for everyone in her locality while working in the office.

Knitting Needles
This is how government employees “sweat” while working in the offices

Speaking exclusively to Faking News, Renuka ji said, “I always manage to finish 4 to 5 sweaters and a few woolen socks and caps every winter, but this year we are at the end of January and I haven’t even finished a single sweater. They have started giving me work in office which has severely affected my knitting. I plan to complain to senior officials; making one work is no way to treat a government employee!”

She went on to add, “Everyone loved my designs and used to pay me to knit sweaters for them. Now, I get no time in office at all, I even had to cut my nap time to only 45 minutes. When can I do my knitting now? There is no spare time after reaching home to knit anything. I have to clean, I have to cook, and I have two school-going children so have to do their homework.”

At this point, we interrupted her to ask why the kids don’t do their own homework. “I don’t think you have school-going kids. Homework has to be done by parents these days, else you have to send them to tuition classes. Me and my husband are both honest government employees and we can’t afford the astronomical tuition fees so we do their homework,” she replied.

When asked why this sudden increase of work in her office after all these years, she said, “This RTI law is making things so difficult for us. How to prepare answers to all these questions when most of the office documents were utilized to eat Samosas & Kachoris during Sharma Ji’s farewell? Then Chintu, my younger son, made aeroplanes out of half of the remaining documents when he visited my office during his winter break. He is such a cute little boy I tell you.”

When we probed further to find out how did they prepare answers for questions under RTI when most of the documents are not available, Renuka Devi got angry and asked us to file an RTI to find out.