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Govt employee staying in office till midnight ever since in-laws came to visit

13, Dec 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Alok Kumar, who works for a public-sector enterprise used to return home around 4:30 PM every day. He did not know returning home early will be so ‘unimpressive’ thing to do as he saw in the eyes of his in-laws.

While talking to us on the reason for the same, Alok said, “Rashmi’s parents came here after visiting their younger daughter and son-in-law’s house. Her mother constantly talked about how their junior son-in-law who is a techie works so ‘hard’. Leaves home early and never returns before mid-night.”

After hearing to her mother’s constant feedback, Rashmi also started doubting.

Alok said, “It was not only in the eyes of my in-laws, I was falling rapidly in the eyes of my own wife. There I decided, till my in-laws are here I will not return home till midnight. Even if that means I will miss my favorite TV programs, crispy onion pakoda with chai at home, so be it.”

Alok added, “Bol to diya, for me the biggest challenge was to keep myself busy till midnight. Office mein to rehna possible nahin hai. By the time clock ticks 6 PM, peon comes multiple times to ask, sir, what time you will go, I have to lock the office.”

“Can not disturb my office colleagues in the evening as whatever chit-chat we were supposed to do already done at office in the day time. Thought will catch some movies. With movies like Firangi playing in theatres, watching it once itself is challenge,” said Alok.

Alok roams around the malls till they are closed and then returns home taking the long traffic route. “Every single security person in malls knows, I am the one who roam here five hours every day without buying anything.”

Alok who was worried how long he has ‘bear’ this pain, came the pleasant news. “Junior son-in-law has to go abroad for some urgent client meeting, to support my sister during his absence, parents have to leave for her place tomorrow morning. Please come home early, don’t watch another show of Firangi today,” said Rashmi over phone to Alok.