Govt official asks citizens to go easy on rajma-chawal after concerns over coronavirus spreading through farts

17, Apr 2020 By @jurnoleast

In yet another announcement related to coronavirus, a Govt official today asked citizens to avoid eating Rajma-Chawal after concerns over coronavirus spreading through farts.


The remarks came after reports circulating on social media pointed out that there was likelihood human transmission through expelled gases as well.

Speaking to Faking New, the Govt official said, “This virus is very clever. It is finding ways and means to travel from one host to another. After social distancing and face masks severely restricted its spread, the virus is now entering the air we breathe via farts.”

“If the virus enters the patients bowel, there is every possibility that it can be expelled out of the body when someone expels gases. It can be risky for any person in close sniffing proximity,” he added.

“So it is advisable that people refrain from anything that would lead unwanted gases. I don’t think I need to explain why rajma-chawal should be avoided during such times. In fact Govt should strike them off the essential items list. Also Govt should seriously think about making butt masks mandatory, similar to face masks,” he remarked.

With the piece of news going viral on Whatsapp, Ministry of Health was forced to issue a statement asking citizens not fall for such rumors.

“There is no medical or scientific evidence that the virus spreads through farts. Till there is research on this, citizens can carry on farting and enjoy their rajma-chawal,” said a source from the ministry.