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Govt sets up a 'Dawood Pakdo Abhiyan', sets a 2050 deadline to catch him

25, Aug 2015 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. With topic of nabbing Dawood Ibrahim surfacing every now and then, NDA govt has today taken a decisive step to catch the most wanted terrorist alive.

The govt is all set to launch ‘Dawood Pakdo Abhiyan’ on the lines of ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ and many other Abhiyans that the govt has initiated in last one year, under which they will seize hold of Dawood from his collar alive from Karachi. They have set a realistic deadline of year 2050 for this.

“Much has been said and planned to catch Dawood, but we haven’t moved an inch. We realize it is not possible for a govt alone to do it and would need support from all sava sau crore deshwasi,” PM Narendra Modi tweeted.

A visibly unsettled Dawood on hearing the development, insists Rajnath Singh.
A visibly unsettled Dawood on hearing the development, insists Rajnath Singh.

Much like other abhiyans, this abhiyan too will have involvement of celebs and common people to make it a grand success.

“We all dream of catching terrorists like Dawood ourselves. This campaign will give a chance to aam aadmi of the country to fulfill those wishes and be a part of the greatest treasure hunt committed by Indian govt ever,” a visibly excited Rajnath Singh said, with pat on the back from Arvind Kejriwal.

Come September 17,on his birthday, Narendra Modi will make the launch official and nominate few people who he thinks can contribute the best.

“These guys will catch Dawoods (local dons) from their areas and then nominate others making it a chain till it actually reaches Karachi,” a source from PMO told Faking News.

Main chahta hun jab hum gantantra diwas aur meri 100vi varshgaanth manayein tab Dawood bhi hamare kabze mein ho,” Modi is expected to say to motivate Indians.

When our reporter asked isn’t 2050 too far and he could be naturally dead by then and wouldn’t it be a delayed punishment, Giriraj Singh came out of nowhere and shot back, “Do you think staying in a country like Pakistan even for an hour is any less that punishment? And he has already spent more than 20 years there.”

“Also,we will keep on sending those dossiers to Pakistan till the day we catch him and as they say laughter is the best medicine, we are confident he will ROFL every time thereby remaining alive till 2050,” he added.