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To grant divorce, Need Altaf Raja songs in your phone to verify that you are really sad: High Court Judge

14, Jul 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Altaf Raja sad songs have attained legendary status in India. And now even the high court in Mumbai has approved it to be the ultimate proof of whether that person is sad or not. This statement was released by Mumbai high court judge in a landmark hearing involving Mr. Jagdish Banerjee who had filed for divorce.


Jagdish has been tortured by his wife and their relation reached a point where it was necessary to part ways, and an official divorce was the solution. But little did Jagdish know that not listening to or not carrying Altaf Raja songs in his mobile will hamper his divorce application. Everything was going fine during the hearing. That is when the high court judge dropped a huge bomb and asked Jagdish to submit the list of songs in his mobile. After investigation, it was found that it din’t carry any Altaf Raja or Arijit Singh songs and that made it sure for the judge that Jagdish is just pretending to be sad and in real life he is actually happy.

Jagdish has accepted the court decision and has started collecting Altaf Raja songs to file for divorce in the future. High court judge also conveyed that people should not pretend to be sad and instead listen to sad songs which will make their case strong. The same would apply to the ladies as well. Going by this decision, Altaf Raja has suddenly come back into the scene of Indian music and composers are paying him crores to record some new songs with him. Now that the demand of his songs will keep on shooting upwards, Raja is sure to get more and more work in the industry and release albums every month.