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Groom calls off wedding after bride continuously weeps during bidai

13, Nov 2013 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. In a shocking incident, a marriage was called off by a groom after he couldn’t take tears of bride any further during the bidai ceremony.

As per the guests present in the ceremony and Shahrukh Khan who was dancing like it was his own daughter’s marriage, everything was going smoothly till the farewell (or bidai) ceremony began.

Just as the couple reached the car in which they were supposed to leave, a hitherto happy looking bride suddenly started weeping inconsolably. While doing so, she was strategically switching from one shoulder to another and in excitement even went to the band wala’s shoulders.

Royal wedding
A universal phenomenon?

Eyewitnesses further claim that she kept signaling cameraman and her friends to click pictures from various angles capturing her face perfectly.

Unable to bear the guilt of being responsible for her tears and embarrassed by the turn of events, the groom decided to call of the wedding and left on the ghodi riding which he had come.

As per sources, groom didn’t even listen to the pleas of girl’s parents and his own mother who tried reason with her that it was just a formality to cry.

“The groom was a BJP supporter and to convince him, he was told that the tears were fake like those of Sonia Gandhi who claims to care for the poor and minorities, but he was still not convinced,” a guest present at the-wedding-gone-wrong told Faking News.

Faking News later talked to the groom to know hi side of the story.

“First I thought it was just a momentary thing and she would stop crying in a minute or two. At the same time, I was confused what had actually happened and asked her if somebody said anything to him or if somebody had forcibly shown her Krrish 3,” the groom recounted the details.

As per the groom, bride was upbeat from the very beginning. She was cracking jokes, clicking pictures, pulling his leg, planning for the life ahead, and excited to go to their new home.

“In fact, I was a bit down, still unsure of the responsibility that lay ahead. And then all of a sudden she burst into tears!” the groom recalled.

“I thought maybe she was crying because of the hopeless food that was served or maybe was feeling sad that her sisters could not extract more money out of me in exchange of shoes. At the same time, my bladder was about to burst due to pressure created by the beers consumed. So I thought I’ll just go and pee and by the time I am back she will get over with whatever was bothering her and would be sitting in the Honda City ready to leave,” he added.

“And when the same didn’t happen, I realized the actual reason and thought what a crime I was about to commit by separating her from her parents and decided to call off the wedding,” the groom further revealed.

Experts say that crying is a worldwide phenomenon where seconds before bidai, a bride inexplicably and magically transforms from a spirited woman to a dejected and crest fallen woman. Even scientists have failed to establish reasons for such transformation till date.

Meanwhile, at the time of filing this report, the bride was still not aware of what had happened as she was occupied in uploading pics and changing relationship status on Facebook.