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Groom standing in queue at the bank, Bride’s family worried whether he will reach wedding on time

16, Nov 2016 By dasu

Bhubaneswar: With just a day left for the wedding, relatives and family members of Abhipsa are getting worried whether the boy she is marrying, Rajesh, will be able to reach the venue on time for the wedding ceremony. Rajesh is currently standing in the queue at a bank waiting to withdraw cash.

marriage chair
Will Rajesh make it to this seat on time?

“Looking at the progress he has made in last three days at the bank, I do not have much hope”, said one of the distant uncles of the bride.

“There could have been some hope had he been standing in some Sahakari bank, but he is standing in a queue at state bank of India, no chance”, said the uncle who has already started worrying about his quota of free booze beer and meat in case the wedding gets postponed.

“I have requested both the families, let us talk to Pandit and find an alternative date and we can keep that as a reserve day. But they are quite busy and have no time to listen to me”, he added with a sad face.

When we asked Rajesh what was the need for you to come and stand in a queue at the bank so close to the wedding day, Rajesh said, “For last couple of weeks, I was so busy exchanging messages with my fiancé, I was not aware of what is happening outside. Few days back, while chatting with my fiancé, I asked her what do you want, I will get it for you. She asked me to get new pink colored 2000 rupee notes as she wants to take a selfie with that while wearing her wedding dress. Probably she knew the situation outside, might have played a prank on me. I did not get it, told everyone will come to marriage pandal once I get the notes. After spending half a day in ATM queue, came to know new notes are available inside bank only, hence changed the queue yesterday.”

Bride’s family is trying hard to persuade him to come out of the line, but Rajesh is adamant that he won’t accept defeat. He said, “What respect will I have after marriage if this much I could not do?”