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Gurgaon couple arrested for breaking the mandatory rule of visiting shopping mall on weekend

27, Feb 2016 By chachachaudhary

Gurgaon: In a shocking incident today morning, a couple Aarti and Mahesh Verma were arrested in Gurgaon for not  following the mandatory Gurgaon rule for working couples, going to a shopping mall on a weekend.

Gurgaon Malls, The world is here. Where are you?
Gurgaon Malls, The world is here. Where are you?

The couple was arrested after police received complaint from Society for Urban Gurgaon Sheep mentality (SUGSM).

When Faking News correspondent contacted Rachit, secretary of SUGSM for details, Rachit angrily said, “See this is nothing personal. I knew Aarti and Mahesh personally for several years. Initially Mahesh and Aarti played the part of being a Gurgaon couple very well. Mahesh was the team leader in a KPO and Aarti was an HR executive. Both were drawing 6 figure salaries. They had also booked a flat in Sohna road for which they pay EMI of 75,000 per month, they also own a mid size diesel hatchback and hate public transport. They used Acs during winters and geysers during summers, it all looked so normal.”

“They had followed the rule of going to a shopping mall and a multiplex for past 3-4 years but last weekend, they headed to Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary instead of heading towards any of the malls in Gurgaon. Who do they think they are, acting like nature lovers? Are our malls no longer good enough for them? They could have gone to Saket if Gurgaon malls were the problem but why a bird sanctuary”, Rachit fumed.

“It would still have been acceptable to the SUGSM if they went to some commercially developed resorts but this is a government park. Who goes to a government run place on a weekend? This is so disappointing. We had no option but to report this unacceptable behavior to the cops”, Rachit added.

Meanwhile, residents of Aarti and Mahesh’s housing society have supported this arrest. Society secretary, Mr Gupta said, “We have worked hard to develop this Gurgaon culture of killing individuality and making everyone a clone of each other. Anyone trying to ruin our efforts must be punished.”