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Guy avoiding his parent's request to get married suddenly agrees to tie knot when no club in Goa allowed him stag entry

04, Feb 2017 By sameer mahawar

Panjim. Living his life independently and as a carefree, Rajneesh Ahluwalia finally succumbed to the pressure of getting married that his parents and the general society has been creating for him since he got a good job.


The sudden rise of white flag by this unwanted bachelor is due to the ‘disallowance’ of singles from entering into night clubs.

Rajneesh had gone to Goa with his friends to celebrate the New Year Eve. There, he tried to get entry into various clubs and pubs but none of them were entertained because of their relationship status. Few of the bars even had put a display board stating “Only Shonas & Jaanus are allowed”.

Feeling ashamed of himself, Rajneesh tried getting into the clubs by using his father’s political influence, but that was also not enough. Hence, the group had to spend their time on the street itself, without getting involved with the crowd at dance floors.

To avoid the situation in future, Rajneesh has finally decided that he will marry soon.

Hailing her son’s decision, his mother Mrs Jasmeet Ahluwalia said, “We have been asking him to give us a grandchild. But he doesn’t know that it is essential to get married for it. It has been four years since he is well settled in his job. I am managing his profiles on, Bharat matrimony and even on Tinder. I have arranged dates for him for several times, but he hasn’t selected even a one chick till date. But I am happy now that he now knows how useful a spouse can be. Shukr hai Rabb da, te inn Angrezi theke waleya da.”

Meanwhile, Rajneesh apart from changing his decision to get married has also changed his favorite actor to Salman Khan as he had killed stag, the word that he hates the most now.