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Guy expert at peeping into phone screens of co-passengers gets a job as Snooping Officer in Delhi

07, Jun 2015 By sameer mahawar

New Delhi. Delhi is all set to get its first snooping officer who will keep an eye over every potential wrongdoer. Ashfaq Khali, a man in his 20s who is expert in looking at mobile screens of others, has been identified as the right candidate by a team of experts from Bhoklal Aadmi Party. Spying season, which started well before the current year’s monsoon season, has landed a man with a job offer.

Ashfaq, who just completed his graduation, was searching for a job and had applied in various Hindutva organizations. But being a liberal, he was facing rejections from everywhere. Running for interviews from one place to another via Delhi Metro had made him good at one thing, peeping into the phone screens of co-passengers.

Seeing this ability, a BAP volunteer traveling in the same compartment, made him on the spot job offer of being a ‘Snooping Officer’ for the national capital and for the party.

“Our party is looking for people who secretly zooms into other people lives. We have opened a special spying wing so that we can know what others are doing, personally and professionally. This is a way we can keep a check on corruption, and also keep an eye on potential Lolendra Yadavs,” the BAP volunteer told Faking News.

“I noticed this man having his eyes continuously on the phone of a lady sitting beside him. He might be reading her WhatsApp conversations. But this ability of him amused me as the lady didn’t have any idea that she was getting spied on,” the volunteer revealed what sealed the deal for Ashfaq.

Peeping Tom or Spying Officer?, you decide.
Peeping Tom or Spying Officer?, you decide.

When this reporter asked Ashfaq Khali  ‘AAPko kaisa lag raha hai?’, he said, “I have become so used to glancing on phone screens of other people that now my eyes can’t stop peeping at them even if I try to ignore. The urge of looking at screens of co-passengers is very irresistible and most of the people have this itch. But using my ‘teerchi-nazar’ I haven’t been caught even once by the any of the person on whose screen I have peeped on till my last metro ride.”

After asked to comment sensibly, he added, “I am ready to work for this party and this government and would ask them to deploy me on the route which shall include Rajiv Chowk, because that’s the area where our business would flourish.”

Although even the second statement didn’t make sense, the Delhi government claims that the new Snooping Officer will remove corruption effectively.

Meanwhile youngsters in the city are overwhelmed with joy and are considering themselves as prospective candidates for the opportunities in Spying sector, which is expected to grow very fast in coming months. They are sharpening their skills so that they can judge a person’s character by secretly reading their WhatsApp conversations while traveling.