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Guy finally gets a girlfriend after getting friendzoned by 190 girls; invited on Ted Talk

15, Jul 2017 By Akash Vadera

It was an amazing feat for Mumbai based Rahul Sharma, who was finally able to get a girlfriend after getting friendzoned by not 1, not 10, but 190 girls. Following this feat, he has been invited to give a Ted Talk on ‘How Not To Lose Hope’. He will be flying to USA at the end of this week.

Our reporter got a chance to interview him and here’s what he had to say. “This feat is extraordinary to me as I am just an ordinary guy. I am that ‘10th-Science-Engineering-MBA-Job’ ordinary. If you were to find a mascot for ordinariness, I would NOT be the one as it would mean being different.”

We explained to him that we have got the point and asked him to tell more about his achievement. He stated, “Since engineering, all I wanted was a girlfriend. I used to see those English speaking, good looking, filthy rich guys getting all the girls. So, I started speaking to as many girls as I could. Obviously, I wanted to date the girl the millisecond I saw her. But each time, I ended up being in the friendzone. I was being dragged into the ‘Kandha Jaati’. A senior Kandha had advised me that you can even come out of the Bermuda Triangle, but not out of friendzone. At first, I thought he was just exaggerating, but once I got friendzoned by the first 50 girls, I realised that he had a point. I got used to phrases like ‘You’re just my friend’, ‘I like you.. but not that way’, ‘Our friendship is special to me and I don’t want to ruin it’, etc. After 100 girls friendzoned me, I realised that I am never going to get a girlfriend.”

So then what changed his life, we asked. He replied, “I was seeking something that required a great deal of patience and hard work. I approached senior ex-kandhas and asked them how they had gotten out of the friendzone. But all of them had only one answer – arranged marriage. I didn’t want to go out that way. Then one ex-kandha told me that there was one kandha some 20 years ago who had managed to get out of the friendzone not by arranged marriage, but by getting a girlfriend. This was it! This was the inspiration I needed. I came to know he stayed in the Himalayas. I decided to go meet him. The journey was tough, but I was determined. I reached Kashmir, climbed the Himalayas, fought the weather and finally found the guy. At first, he refused to help me, but when I stated that I had been friendzoned by 190 girls and 191st friendzone was on the way, he gave me a chit. This chit was my ticket to escape out of the friendzone. The chit only read one line, which changed my life forever. It read ‘Want her attention? Start ignoring her.’ This one line had a very deep meaning. It took me days to understand and implement it but here I am today, finally out of the friendzone, and with a girlfriend.”

Rahul is an inspiration to millions of guys who are in the friendzone and want to get out of it. We wish him all the best for his Ted Talk.