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Guy forgets to upload gym selfie; gains previously lost 10 kgs again

03, Jun 2017 By Akash Vadera

It was all going well for Mumbai-based Juhu resident Vicky Saxena until the evening of 26th May. He had to pay the price for forgetting to upload his gym selfie, by gaining 10 kgs, which he had lost by his hard work, toil and determination.

This is his version of this dreadful incident that happened on 26th May: “It was just a regular day for me. I woke up in my sea-facing Juhu apartment. I first checked my phone for tweets, snaps, Instagram likes, Whatsapp messages and sayat confessions. I spent the whole afternoon rehearsing for an audition, which was scheduled for next day. It was for the role of a dead guy, where I had to lay dead in a morgue for 10 seconds. After practicing, I grabbed on my 2 Puma and 1 Nike sneaker, my Adidas bag and my Gatorade bottle and drove in my Audi to my gym. When I couldn’t find a parking spot in the gym-parking and had to park in a public pay-n-park, I realized that something was not right,” he exclaimed.

“I worked out for 3 hours listening to songs on my iPod, took 45 selfies and drank the whole Gatorade bottle. Just when I was about to upload my gym selfie, my friend Rahul Malhotra called me to ask if I was coming to the 11 p.m. show of Sachin’s movie at PVR – Nariman Point. I obviously denied because the 11 p.m. show didn’t have gold class. After this, I drove straight to my home and ate dinner. Not realizing I didn’t upload any selfie that day, I fell asleep,” said a dejected Vicky.

The next day, that is 27th May, Vicky was utterly shocked to see that his 6 pack-abs were gone and he had gained a giant belly. “I rushed to my weighing machine and checked my weight. It was a shocking 84 kgs. It took me 6 months to get down to 74,” said Vicky in a gloomy tone.

When asked what he was going to do ahead and how he is going to face this problem, a hopeful Vicky replied, “I will take this as a lesson and others who are listening to me should take this as a lesson too. I will again work hard in the gym. But the most important thing I will do is – setting up reminders for uploading selfies, so that such unfortunate incidents don’t occur again in the future”. “Always remember,” he said, “A selfie a day keeps the body fat away,” while signing off.